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Post by Garulia on Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:34 am

For enemies, simply roll to see whether they hit or not against

Enemy list:

Regular enemies for the weak and new:

Regular zombie: has chance to hit of 3k3, and damage of 1k1. Defense of 10, hp of 10 Doesn't sound so bad, but there are normally a LOT of them, athletics of 1

Large zombie: chance to hit of 3k3 and damage of 2k2. Defense of 10, hp of 15, athletics of 1

Birds: Chance to hit of 4k4, damage of 1k1. Defense of 5, hp of 5, athletics of 3

Average enemies for the more experienced:

Spiders: giant spiders mutated by the virus. 3k3 chance to hit, 3k3 damage, 20 defense, 20 hp, athletics of 2

Tendrils: Writhing mass of tentacle appendages. 4k4 chance to hit, 3k3 damage, 20 defense, 15 hp, athletics of 1

Strong zombies (for those tanks out there)

PogoZombie: it's legs have fused together into one, massive muscle. It jumps everywhere. 6k4 chance to hit, 4k4 damage, 20 defense, 60 hp, athletics of 6

Las Plagas

They are parasistic organisms that take over hosts of animals and humans, increasing the creatures power

Human: Chance to hit, 4k4. 4k4 damage, 20 defense, 30 hp, athletics of 2

Dog: Chance to hit, 5k5, 3k3 damage, 10 defense, 30 hp, athletics of 3

Gorilla: Chance to hit, 4k4, 5k5 damage, 30 defense, 40 hp, athletics of 1


Zombie Dragon: Defense 30, HP 200. Attacks:

Fire Breath: chance to hit, 5k5. damage, 6k6, range of two spaces

Claw: 6k6 chance to hit, damage is 4k4

Bite: 3k3 chance to hit, damage is 7k7

Athletics of 2

Electric Zombie: Defense 15, HP 50. Attacks:

Claw: 4k4 accuracy, Damage is 2k2

Electric Goop: 2k2 accuracy, Damage is 4k4, ranges is 5 spaces.

Athletics of 1

Angry Moose: Defense 15, HP 80.
Charge: 5k5 accuracy, 3k2 damage
Spore cloud: 2k1 accuracy, 4k4 Damage, 6 space range.
Athletics of 3


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