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Post by Garulia on Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:19 am

In the role play forums, you get 2 points per post and 3 points per topic. Spam will be harshly dealt with.

One Handed

Weapon Quality Cost

Pen knife Poor 30 Points

Metal pipe Average 50 points

Baseball Bat Fine 100 Points

Katana Exquisite 150 points

Two Handed

Wooden Plank Poor 40 points

Large Metal Bar Average 70 points

Sledgehammer Fine 140 points

Scythe Exquisite 210 points

Long Range

Pistol Poor 40 points

Magnum Average 60 points

Shotgun Average (special: can hit multiple targets) 80 points

Rifle Fine 150 points

Machine gun Average(Special: rolls two times for total damage) 150 points

Crossbow Exquisite 200 points


Leather Poor 50 points

Plate Metal Average 100 points

Full body Plate Metal Fine 150 points

Battle Armor Exquisite 200 Points

Shield (description of your choosing) 20 points


Bandages: automatic 20 points off health restored. 5 points


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