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Post by Garulia on Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:33 am


Characters will be grounded in a quantifiable manner via character sheets. A random number generator, or dice rolling simulator will be used to determine results. Rolls will be done using numbers 1-10, with possible exceptions to be outlined further in the guide. In a very simple sense, the character can be reduced to three areas: Stats, Skills, and Perks/Flaws.

Stats are important for determining how many dice are held onto after a roll, and are the numerical display of a character’s potential. A character can know how to do something(skill), without being physically able to complete a task(stat). Stats are typically limited to 5, and their cost reflects their importance.

Skills are important in that they display the accumulated knowledge of a character.

All skill based rolls are (Skill)k(Stat). Period.

Notice/Warning: Unless Excruciating Circumstances Exist, whatever a character sheet looks like at the time of it's approval is what it's base will always be. This base is set in stone and can not be changed under most circumstances. Perks and Flaws can not be changed. You may add flaws or perks later, or change the wording on some particular, user-generated, flaws, but you will not be able to change them post-charagen. Skills and Stats may be reset Once BEFORE 100 Posts is reached. This is done via a Ticket Request. Past these resets (the freebie or the shop purchased one) you will NOT be allowed to Lower stats/skills, remove perks, add charagen perks, or gain bonuses for flaws. You Have Been Warned.

An explanation on notation: #k# format.
This format is shorthand for the roll/keep system that serves as the core of this system. The first # is the amount of dice that are rolled, and the second # is the number of those dice which can be counted towards the total result. This is important, as it will be referenced quite a bit.


Determines how hard a character can hit with melee weapons, and how much damage they can take before being knocked unconscious.
1 Point: Weak, this person typically has problems with carrying much of anything, may be fragile, or prone to sickness.
2 Points: Average, this person can accomplish most simple strength based tasks, and while not particularly fragile, wont necessarily take blows terribly well.
3 Points: Above average, this person is not abnormally strong, but may be able to take hits better than most, or lift a bit more than their peers.
4 Points: Strong, this person is probably known of in a small area around where they come from for being particularly strong, or being particularly difficult to knock out.
5 Points: Impressive, most people would not want to deal this person in hand to hand combat. They can probably lift multiple hundred pound loads, and take a beating impassively.
6 Points+: Insane, this person would be known world wide for their abilities, and likely carries more than a few titles to accompany this amazing status.


Determines how well a character can hit with ranged weapons, and how well they can move through an area.
1 Point: Clumsy, this person is likely to trip over things or hit a friend rather than an enemy in close combat with a bow.
2 Points: Average, this person is about as likely as not to shoot a friend in combat as foe, and isn’t likely to trip over things like logs.
3 Points: Above average, this person is more likely to hit a foe in combat than a friend, and may be noted for having good balance.
4 Points: Agile, this person can hit bull’s eyes regularly, and can make their way through thick undergrowth with relative ease. They may also be difficult to track.
5 Points: Impressive, this person can put an bullet in between the eyes of a target at one hundred paces with relative ease. They are not likely to have issues running through rough terrain.
6 Points+: Insane, this person could probably sprint through a minefield unscathed, or hit targets blindfolded.


Determines how smart a character is, how quick they learn new tricks, and how readily they can use their environment.
1 Point: Stupid, this person cannot read, and probably doesn’t know what math is, only that it angers them.
2 Points: Average, this person may be able to read and do math, but certainly has some manner of common sense.
3 Points: Above average, this person can most certainly read and do math if they have had any inclination to learn. They spot more opportunities and notice more things than their peers.
4 Points: Intelligent, this person can learn pretty much anything they set their mind to, and rarely fails to notice key environmental features they can use to their advantage.
5 Points: Impressive, this person is likely a certifiable genius, and is likely to assess and adapt to any situation they may find themselves.
6 Points+: Insane, this person could probably write physics text books.


Determines how good a character is with words, and how easily they can use words to influence the decisions of NPCs. In combat this will relate to support abilities.
1 Point: Strange, this person more often than not insults those they are trying to compliment, and may come off as a ‘creeper’.
2 Points: Average, this person doesn’t have much of an issue with basic social niceties, but is not likely to be quick witted.
3 Points: Above average, this person knows how to get things they want, and how to use what they have.
4 Points: Charismatic, this person can talk their way out of most situations, and probably fairly quick witted.
5 Points: Impressive, this person probably lights up a room when they enter, and are either the center of attention, or the person no one ever notices.
6 Points+: Insane, could talk their way out of being arrested for bank robbery with camera evidence and a police officer having seen the deed.

Health/Hit Points

Determines total hitpoints/a character's health/ability to absorb damage.
Calculated By Adding up Strength (Stat) and Endurance (Skill) and multiplying by 15/


Determines how hard it is to damage a user
Calculated By adding the base Defense (5) plus 3 points for every point in Defensive Combat (Skill) and then you add any bonuses from Perks and Armor. (Read More in the Combat Section)


Skills are split into five areas depending on what their dominant stat is. Below are the list of skills, separated by their dominant stat. This stat will be used in determining how many dice are kept when determining success. At character creation, no one can have five points in any stat.

Strength Skills

Striking covers the use of any and all melee weapons. It does not determine damage, only how well you can hit.

Endurance covers how well a character can take damage. The more endurance, the more health they will have.

Brawling covers fist fighting, wrestling, and weapons like punching knives.

Agility Skills

Athletics covers horseback riding, climbing, running, swimming, or any similar area. In regards to combat, it also reflects how far a character can move.
Ranged Combat
Refers to any ranged combat. Bows, crossbows, throwing knives, and guns.

Defensive Combat
This Skill Reflects how well a character can fight defensively. Allows for reactive defenses, and adds a bonus to defense scores

Intelligence Skills

Reflects how quickly a person can heal others.
Skill that reflects a character's puzzle solving abilities. Possibility for hints in quests.
` Determines how quickly a character can barricade an entryway or hack/rewire technology.

Charisma Skills

Refers to how well a character can seem sincere. Applies equally to being honest or dishonest.
A combat ability that gives a bonus to friendly players, or a negative to enemies.
Natural Affinity
Shows how able the character is to interact with wildlife.

Here, we are going to discuss the character generation process. The first thing you need to understand is what the stats and skills actually mean. The battle system is a modified roll keep system. What this means is that you roll a certain number of dice based on one stat, and then keep a number of those equal to another. Here, we will be rolling your skill, and keeping the dominant stat for most things. Now, with that out of the way the first thing that you'll need to do is understand that you start with a certain amount of points. 40. Yay! Now store that away because right now it isn't important, because you need to create your archetype.

Your archetype name should be one word that you think adequately describes your character, a name for the innate skill set that the character has. You choose two stats that gets a +1, and then three "archetype skills". These skills are important, not only because you get two free skill points in them. As such, make sure that you choose wisely. Do not be afraid to ask for advice on this issue

Skill Points
Cost for skill points is a number of experience equal to the next rank. So, if you are going from nothing to 1, you would need to spend 1 experience point to do so. From 4 to 5, you would have to spend five. Simple right? Keep in mind that you cannot start with a five in any skill.

Stat Points
Cost for stat points is a number of experience equal to the next rank multiplied by five. So, if you are at 2 and want to raise that to 3, you would need fifteen experience points to do so. From 4 to 5, you would need a total of 25. Still relatively simple. Keep in mind, you cannot start with a 5 in any stat.

It should also be noted that all stats begin at 2, and that all skills begin at 0 before archetype bonuses are added. Also, characters are limited to keeping 2 experience points after character generation. Any amount over this will be removed.

Other Aliases:


  • Strength: 2
  • Agility: 2
  • Intelligence: 2
  • Charisma: 2


  • Striking: 0
  • Brawling: 0
  • Endurance: 0
  • Athletics: 0
  • Ranged Combat: 0
  • Defensive Combat: 0
  • Medicine: 0
  • Puzzles: 0
  • Barricading/technology:0
  • Sincerity: 0
  • Inspiration: 0
  • Natural Affinity: 0

Weapon Type and Quality

Physical Description:



Weapons and Talents:

Strengths and Weaknesses:



Ha! The point of all this nonsense is finally at your disposal. Of course, there are a few things that I'm sure everyone is curious about. Namely, how much damage your weapons, spells, and fists will do, how defense works, and how much HP everyone has. All good questions. In order to understand how combat will run, we'll explain the latter two first. Health is a simple calculation. Health is a number equal to your Strength + Endurance multiplied by fifteen. This means that the maximum health that someone can have without an allowance for insane levels of Strength is 150. Defense, likewise is a simple calculation. Defense starts at a flat 5 for everyone. With each point into defensive combat, this number raises by 3. Armor will add its own bonus which varies based on the quality of said armor. So, with that out of the way lets look at a chart for armor bonuses by quality.

Poor: +2 Defense
Average: +3 Defense
Fine: +4 Defense
Exquisite: +5 Defense
Shield: +3 Defense

A note about shields. Shields can only be used with one handed weapons. Brawlers, and those using two handed weapons, either melee or ranged, cannot use them.

With that out of the way, lets get to the damage aspect. Damage obviously should change between how you deal it. Brawling is (Agility)k(Agility). Weapons vary based on their quality and type.

One Handed Weapons

Poor: 2k1
Average: 2k2
Fine: 3k2
Exquisite: 3k3

Two Handed Weapons

Poor: 2+Strength Score k1+5
Average: 2+Strength Score k2+5
Fine: 3+Strength Score k2+5
Exquisite: 3+Strength k3+5

Ranged Weapons

Poor: 2k1
Average: 2k2
Fine: 3k2
Exquisite: 3k3

Ranged weapons are special in that they have two types, one handed and two handed. These two do the same amount of base damage, but can be modified in fundamentally different ways. The shop will allow for special arrows that deal more damage and have special effects to two handed weapons. Weapons that do not use ammunition fall under the one handed category, and shields can be used with these. Examples of two handed ranged weapons would be bows and crossbows. Examples of one handed ranged weapons would be hookshots, boomerangs, throwing knives, and grappling hooks.

All pretty simple right? Right. Well then, lets get to an actual battle.

Stages of Combat:
Initiative - The first thing that will be done is to check who goes first. For this, both players roll (Agility)k(Agility), with the higher total winning, and then for any additional players, order is decided in order from highest to lowest total. Exception to this rule is that characters who are acting under Stealth bypass (Stealth bypass can only be initiated on NPCs and under RP conditions where both parties are in agreement) this order and go first. With order of action laid out, we can discuss the various actions that you can take during combat.

Attacking - If a character is within attacking range, he/she declares the attack and what type of weapon they are going to use. After checking for the appropriate skill roll a number of dice equivalent to the character's skill points, and then keep a number of those dice equal to the skill's dominant stat. The dice that are kept are then added up, and if that number is greater than the defender's Defense, the attack hits. Damage is determined by the above information.

Moving - So what if you're not in range? You take a move action, ruled by athletics. Base movement is 10ft, and each point of Athletics adds five feet to movement available.

Healing - Pretty Straight forward. Roll medicine. Simple right?[/list]

Aiming - Aiming is an action that a character can to increase their chance to hit on their next attack roll. Effectively, the character gives up a turn waiting and taking aim at the target. On their next turn, they get a bonus 1k0 to attack. Alternatively, they can wait two turns, and receive a 1k1. Attacks do not benefit from this bonus if they are not taken immediately after aiming.

INSANE Stats and Skills
This, of course, is something I'm sure many of you have been curious about. This is obviously not an early game feature, it is something that would take a lot of effort much further into the game. First we'll tackle 6+ level skills. The only skills that a character can raise above 5 are their ARCHETYPE SKILLS. These are the three skills that come with your class as a +2 starting bonus. So lets say you're a tank. The only skills you can raise past five are Striking, Endurance, and Defensive Combat. Yes, this does mean that some classes have a much higher cap for health and defense. While in the early game this wont mean much for specialization, it does mean that later you will be able to specialize much more strongly given your archetype.

Stats are of course, another matter entirely. Firstly, you are limited to having only ONE insane level stat. Which one this is, is entirely up to you. However, to be able to access this stat at such high levels a number of things must first be accomplished. First, all the skills for that stat must be at five or higher. After this, a request must be made via the ticket system with a self designed quest to explain the reasoning for this ridiculous power. As a general idea, expect to be making quests that take at least one hundred posts to complete.

Weapons: you may give up 5 stat points to get an extra level of the weapon you use. Otherwise, your weapons start at poor quality until you can buy some more

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Battle System Empty Re: Battle System

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Dice Roller can be found here:


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Battle System Empty Re: Battle System

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POISON DAMAGE: Clean cut 7 points of damage per turn


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Battle System Empty Re: Battle System

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